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Parenting and Politics

Dec 11, 2020

Who needs 24-hour childcare? 

When we think of child care, we think many things, but usually we think of a standard child care situation for parents who work 9-5 jobs... but who takes care of the children of the people who work around the clock? People like Deloris and Patrick Hogan, who have been childcare providers since 1985, operating a 24 hour daycare out of their home.

In this episode, Diana talks to Loira Limbal, the filmmaker behind the documentary titled "Through the Night" which tells the story of Dee's Tots, a 24 hour home based daycare. Dee's Tots is owned by Deloris and Patrick, affectionately known as Nunu and Pop Pop, who also join Diana in this episode. 

We talk about:

  • the cost of child care 
  • essential workers and who is taking care of their children 
  • what legislators need to do to help working families 
  • the importance of a male figure who is a caregiver 
  • why workers need a living wage, and access to health care 
  • what child care providers need in order to be able to provide good care
  • what the government should be doing to help working families
  • who needs to be at the table in discussing child care 
  • men as caregivers 
  • breaking stereotypes of who can be a nurturing caregiver.