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Parenting and Politics

May 7, 2019

One day Julie Schwietert Collazo heard a report on WNYC about a mother who needed money to post bond and be reunited with her family. That was her aha moment, and the rest is history.

Today, Julie and her husband, whom together co-founded Immigrant Families Together, have helped post bond for over 75 people and have raised over $1 million dollars to help asylum seekers. The organization has been overflowing with support across the 50 states; donations can range from the hundreds of thousands of dollars, to children and seniors donating $3 -$5.

In this interview Diana and Julie discuss the heartbreaking hurdles and  hardships that asylum seeking parents face when they arrive. Posting bond is just step one out of detention, they are then alone in a world where they literally have nothing, and no support system. That's where Immigrant Families Together has stepped in, to offer not only bond and reunification but also to support them at a time when they are expected to not be a burden on society, but yet are not allowed to work.

You can learn more about Immigrant Families Together here.

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